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Schedule a Thai Yoga Massage

To schedule a Thai Massage please call Anthony at 937-299-7756.
90 minute session – $90
60 minute session – $60

What is Thai Yoga Massage? 
Thai Yoga Massage is performed fully-clothed on the floor. You will experience an amazing dance of passive yoga-like stretches with palming and thumbing along sen lines (energy meridians unique to Thai massage). Safely relax into modified assisted yoga postures adjusted to your unique body type and condition. Thai Yoga Massage offers the combined benefits of yoga therapy and massage.

Clients often report feeling relaxed, but energized. Thai Massage improves circulation, relieves muscular tension, strengthens the immune system, and balances the body energetically. It induces a calm mental state. Traditionally, Thai Massage was considered not only a medical treatment for the body, but also a healing therapy for the mind and spirit.

Wear comfortable clothes appropriate for a yoga practice. You can change clothes at the OM Yoga Studio.

“He safely stretched me further and deeper than I ever could on my own. Through Thai Yoga Massage I get a more restful night’s sleep and was able to cut my medication in half, which I take from an old injury that left me with weakness and numbness in my back and leg.
Sheila Drummer, Beavercreek Ohio